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SHSAA Honored Alumnus Award

The Salem High School Alumni Association began honoring an outstanding alumnus in 1958. Recipients of this honor are recognized for their outstanding or unusual contributions in areas such as community and/or professional service. The award is presented each year at the Annual Reunion Banquet of the Salem High School Alumni Association.

The Salem High School Alumni Association encourages alumni to nominate a graduate of Salem High School for the Honored Alumnus Award for the coming year. If you have a candidate you would like to nominate, please complete the following form and submit it for consideration by November 30th:

Please click HERE to nominate
 a graduate for the Honored Alumnus Award
  • Robert Ruark (’77), retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General (3-star), and
    Jay G. Santee (’77), retired Air Force Major General (2-star), have distinguished themselves as impeccable leaders while serving our nation in the military. As civilians they have continued to use their great abilities and remarkable work experiences to serve others. Click HERE to read more.
  • Peter L Apicella, M.D. ('82), Recognized for advancing medical care in our community, Dr. Apicella also contributes his time and talents to make a positive difference through his volunteer work in the community including hosting an annual career day for Salem High School students. Click HERE to read more.
  • Helen Potter Hayes (’57), Salem High School Alumni Association office coordinator since fall 1997. In that role she has served as a welcoming ambassador to alumni and helpful assistant for the annual SHSAA banquet and other SHSAA activities. Helen taught math at Salem High School and Salem Junior High School between 1966 and spring 1997. Click HERE to read more.
  • 2016 Robert Hickey ('50), local industrialist and philanthropist. Responsible for growing his father's roofing business into a successful metal fabrication shop with six locations and over 180 employees. Bob and his family have also endowed three SHSAA scholarships: the Hickey Metal Fabrication Vocational Scholarship, the Nancy Hickey Memorial Healthcare Scholarship, and the Lois A. Peters Memorial Business Scholarship. Click HERE to read more.
  • 2015 Dr. Grace Carolyn Brown (’54), nurse turned university president. Began teaching nursing at Tri-C, becoming Eastern Campus president. Later served as president at Roxbury Community College. Currently serves as an associate nun in the Diocese of Cleveland. Click HERE to read more.
  • 2014 Dr. Randy L. Hanzlick, M.D. ('70), Chief Medical Examiner in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Received numerous professional awards for his national efforts to improve forensic pathology practices and death investigation systems based on his work as the medical examiner for the county that covers the Atlanta metropolitan area, for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and at Emory University.
    Click HERE to read more.
  • 2013 Tim Harrington ('84), U.S. Navy Captain, Deputy Chief of Logistics, Fleet Supply, and Ordnance for the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Previously served aboard air craft carriers and a frigate. In mid-1990s he served on personal staff of U.S. Army General John Shalikashvili when he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
    Click HERE to read more.
  • 2012 Richard “Dick” Buta (’57), engineer, international business executive, helped  develop advanced energy technologies and policies. Has worked on civic boards and associations, published, and lectured at international institutions. Click HERE for more.
  • 2011 Dr. Scott B. Citino, DVM (’75), veterinarian at White Oak Conservation Center,  Yulee, FL, on faculty at University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Yulee, FL, on faculty at University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Comparative Pathology, Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine, and is involved as advisor or member of many other organizations involved in the  conservation, care, and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife. Click HERE for more.
  • 2010 Dr. J. Cletus Paumier, M.D. (’82), orthopedic surgeon, past Chief of Surgery at Salem Community Hospital, past member of Board of Directors.
  • 2009 Joyce Waddell Bailey (’57), artist, editor, researcher into Ancient Art and Culture, principal investigator for a research tool in the field of Latin American Art.
  • 2008 Richard A. Tyo (’78), engineer of innovative applications of new technologies.  Developed embedded Web technology for NASA in the 1990’s making remote control of Space Station science technology possible.
  • 2007 John R. Buta (’56), engineer and businessman.
  • 2006 Gregory R. Smith (’76), composer of the entire range of the musical world, from serious chamber music to Broadway to movie scores.  His television music can be heard on all of the major networks as well as stations around the world. His family/educational concert works have been performed by more than 160 orchestras totaling over 650 performances, often with Smith narrating.
  • 2005 Frederick M. Kaiser (’62), specialist in American National Government at the Congressional Research Service, a nonpartisan analytical agency of Congress.
  • 2004 William L. Phillis (’54), Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Ohio Department of Education, professor at Ashland University, head of the Equity and Adequacy Coalition.
  • 2003 Dr. Lorie Roth (’69), educator, vice-chancellor of academic affairs for California  State University, author of a dozen publications ranging from technical writing in  the classroom to word and communication skills,processing concepts in modern English, and faculty education.
  • 2002 Dr. William E. “Bill” Ward III ('46), chair of Southern Group on Student Affairs, a consortium of 40 medical schools, Associate Dean Emeritus at College of Medicine, Texas A & M University, LT Col retired from Air Force.
  • 2001 Bruce Gordon (’52), co-owner and chairman of Gordon Bros. Water Co.
  • 2000 Louis Slaby (’59), NFL athlete, engineer, founder of Louis R. Slaby Engineering
  • 1999 Rich Karlis (’77), NFL athlete and co-founder of Salem Hall of Fame Foundation
  • 1998 Carl Gartner (’44), CEO General Color and Chemical Co.
  • 1997 J. Robert Sebo (’54), founder of Paychex
  • 1996 Dr. John W. (Jack) Alexander (’56), educator
  • 1995 Raymond J. Lowry (’41), businessman
  • 1994 Richard J. Theiss (’48), video, filmmaker
  • 1993 Dr. William L. Hoppes, M.D. (’57), AIDS specialist
  • 1992 Donald DeJane (’47), youth worker
  • 1991 Dr. Lowell R. King, M.D. (’49), academic, pediatric urologist
  • 1990 William M. Schaeffer (’39), UCT, international president
  • 1989 Joseph F. Ferreri (’47), EPA engineer
  • 1988 Harvey M. Walken (’46), real estate management
  • 1987 Mary Mercer Krogness (’56), teacher, writer
  • 1986 Charles Gibbs (’43), banker, alumni treasurer
  • 1985 Daniel E. Smith (’46), jeweler, alumni officer
  • 1984 Tom Berger (’41), artist, Western painter
  • 1983 Dr. C. James Callahan (’51), veterinary medicine
  • 1982 Herbert J. Hansell (’43), attorney
  • 1981 Dorothy Pozniko Beam (’52), music professor
  • 1980 Lt. Col. Richard Coppock (’56), Air Force
  • 1979 Alta Peterson (’14), teacher, principal
  • 1978 Andrew J. Chitiea (’42), corporate financial executive
  • 1977 Dr. Paul Corso (’24), physician
  • 1976 Joseph Hajcak (’54), blimp pilot
  • 1975 Donald Getz (’52), artist
  • 1974 Gail Herron (’36), businessman
  • 1973 Dr. Jerry Miller (’49), minister, university president
  • 1972 Max M. Fisher (’26), financier
  • 1971 Jay Hanna (’45), telephone executive
  • 1970 Captain S. R. Chessman (’43), Navy officer
  • 1969 Dr. Joseph D. Morris (’39), surgeon
  • 1968 Dale Leipper (’33), oceanographer
  • 1967 Fred J. (Jack) Mullins (’35), airline executive
  • 1966 Lowell Fleischer (’55), U. S. diplomatic service
  • 1965 Holland Cameron (’14), founder, Salem Tech School
  • 1964 Laura Mae Hovermale Whinnery (’30), alumni historian
  • 1963 Lloyd Yoder (’21), radio executive
  • 1962 W. Eugene Young (’27), scholarship fund treasurer
  • 1961 Chester Smith (’16), sportswriter
  • 1960 Natalie Sharpnack (’01), teacher, principal
  • 1959 Joel H. Sharp (’14), judge, scholarship chairman
  • 1958 Fred E. Cope (’25), teacher, coach, athletic director


2019 Robert Ruark (’77) and
        Jay G. Santee (’77)
2018 Dr. Peter Apicella ('82)
2017 Helen Potter Hayes ('57)
2016 Robert Hickey ('50)
2015 Dr. Grace Carolyn Brown (’54)
2014 Dr. Randy L. Hanzlick ('70)
2013 Tim Harrington ('84)
2012 Richard Buta ('57)
2011 Dr. Scott Citino, ('75)
2010 Dr. J. Cletus Paumier, ('82)
2009 Joyce Wadell Bailey Berney ('57)
2008 Richard Tyo ('78)
2007 John Buta ('56)
2006 Gregory R . Smith ('76)
2005 Frederick M. Kaiser ('62)
2004 William L. Phillis ('54)
2003 Dr. Lorie Roth ('69)
2002 Dr. William E. "Bill" Ward III ('46)
2001 Bruce Gordon ('52)
2000 Louis Slaby ('59)
1999 Richard Karlis ('77)
1998 Carl Gartner ('44)
1997 J. Robert Sebo ('54)
1996 Dr. John W. (Jack) Alexander ('56)
1995 Raymond J. Lowry ('41)
1994 Richard J. Theiss ('48)
1993 Dr. William L. Hoppes, M.D. ('57)
1992 Donald DeJane ('47)
1991 Dr. Lowell R. King ('49)
1990 William M. Schaeffer ('39)
1989 Joseph F. Ferreri ('47)

1988 Harvey M. Walken ('46)
1987 Mary Mercer Krogness ('56)
1986 Charles Gibbs ('43)
1985 Daniel E. Smith ('46)
1984 Thomas Berger ('41)
1983 Dr. C. James Callahan ('51)
1982 Herbert Hansell ('43)
1981 Dorothy Pozniko Beam ('52)
1980 Lt. Col. Richard M. Coppock ('56)
1979 Alta Peterson ('14)
1978 Andrew J. Chitiea ('42)
1977 Dr. Paul Corso ('24)
1976 Joseph Hajcak ('54)
1975 Donald Getz ('52)
1974 Gail Herron ('35)
1973 The Rev. Jerry Miller ('49)
1972 Max M. Fisher ('26)
1971 Jay Hanna ('45)
1970 Captain S.R. Chessman ('43)
1969 Dr. Joseph D. Morris ('39)
1968 Dr. Dale Leipper ('33)
1967 Fred J. (Jack) Mullins ('35)
1966 Dr. Lowell Fleischer ('55)
1965 Holland Cameron ('14)
1964 Laura Mae Hovermale Whinnery ('30)
1963 Lloyd Yoder ('21)
1962 W. Eugene Young ('27)
1961 Chester Smith ('16)
1960 Natalie Sharpnack ('01)
1959 Judge Joel H. Sharp ('14)
1958 Fred E. Cope ('25)