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Salem High School Alumni Association - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are we? Salem High School Alumni Association (SHSAA) is one of the first high school alumni associations in Ohio and a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Its mission is two-fold: to keep SHS alumni connected with each other and to award scholarships to worthy students.  Click HERE to read more.

When did the Salem High School Alumni Association begin? It began in 1882 when a group of graduates gathered with some of their former teachers. The first reunion banquet took place in 1883 and has been held every year since then.

When was the first Salem High School Alumni Association scholarship given? In 1908. The association’s first scholarship was $60 and was awarded to Walter French.

How often does the Board of Directors meet? The full board, consisting of fifteen to eighteen members, meets quarterly, usually in January, April, July, and October. Committees meet as needed.

Alumni Office

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Where is the SHSAA office? The office is located in Salem, Ohio at 330 East State Street, one building east of the northeast corner of State Street and Broadway Avenue.

Are visitors welcome? Visitors are welcome during office hours from 9 a.m. until noon, Monday through Friday. Visitors are encouraged to browse through old yearbooks or view memorabilia from Salem High School’s 150-year history in our many display cases.

What if I can not visit during office hours? You may call the office and request an appointment to tour the office. Every attempt will be made to schedule a tour for you.

Where is there convenient parking? Nearby parking is available on State Street, on Broadway Avenue, and in a lot behind the office.

Is the alumni office available for class events? The office is available for class reunion planning and for reunion events, with the caveat that no cooking from scratch is done and that total clean up follows. The association’s kitchen includes a large microwave and a full-size refrigerator. Smoking is NOT permitted.


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How do I make a donation? Donations may be made in person, by mail, or online. You may use Pay Pal or a credit card attached to a Pay Pal account. Click HERE to donate online.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. The Salem High School Alumni Association is a 501 (c) (3) organization. It was incorporated in 1947 as The Scholarship Committee, Inc. and is listed as such in the IRS database.

Does SHSAA accept donations of memorabilia, old yearbooks, Quaker newspapers, scrapbooks, etc.? The association gratefully accepts such donations in most cases if the items are in good condition. Please call ahead (330-332-1427) to confirm. We may already have multiple copies of the yearbook you wish to donate. The later yearbooks, since 1980, are in very short supply and are needed. Most of the Quaker newspapers have been scanned and are online. Donations of the ones we are missing would be much appreciated.


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Where can I find out about upcoming events and reunions?  Alumni are very active setting up events and reunions. Click HERE to read more.

How can I announce an upcoming event or reunion? Click HERE to send us a message.

How can SHSAA assist in planning reunions? We can do the following: 1) mail the class coordinator(s) a current class list and a list of area reunion facilities, caterers, and accommodations, 2) print out labels when the class is ready to mail notices and provide guidance when a class has enough items to mail that they can use our bulk-mail permit, 3) make the office available for class reunion meetings either in the afternoon or evening, and 4) permit a class to use the association office copier if they ask and supply their own paper. Click HERE to send us a message or call 330-332-1427.

My class has its own website. Do you have the link? Click HERE to visit external class & event websites. If you want your class or event website to be added to our links, click HERE to send us a message.

Where can I read more about the Annual Alumni Banquet?  Click HERE for more.

My Information

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How do I update my personal information? Click HERE to update your information or call 330-332-1427. 

How do I limit what information is made available to the public? Click HERE to update your information or call 330-332-1427.  You can choose to share your email, telephone, and/or address on our website.

How will the alumni office use my information? The information is used by your class coordinators for reunion planning and by the alumni office to provide a mailing address for the newsletter and periodic electronic newsletters and announcements. We will never provide our alumni listing to outside third parties or businesses. Please note that if you choose to make your information public on our website, it will be available to anyone who searches the website.


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How do I sign up to receive the biannual newsletter?  Click HERE to update your profile and sign-up. You can sign up to receive the newsletter by mail, email, or both.

Why should I consider e-mail only for the newsletter?  Receiving the newsletter by email will save your association the cost of mailing the newsletter. When the newsletter is ready, you will receive an email with a link to the digital version.


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How do I know which scholarships are available and right for me? Click HERE for high schoool scholarships and use the “Scholarship Assistant” for help near the top of the page. Click HERE for postsecondary scholarships.

How is the total amount of money distributed for scholarships determined? Modeling its policy after that of many college associations, SHSAA allows annual spending of 5% of the 12-quarter rolling average of its investment portfolio to fund both scholarships and its office operating expenses.

Why do the amounts of the Academic Merit Scholarships sometimes vary from year to year? Two main factors affect the amounts: 1) performance of the association’s portfolio in determining the total amount for all scholarships and 2) the number of graduating students with a 3.5 or above GPA.

I moved to Salem during my high school career. Am I still eligible for a scholarship? You are eligible if you were enrolled at SHS by the beginning of your senior year. The amount of the Academic Merit Scholarship for 3.5+GPA is pro-rated according to the number of years a student attends SHS. The amount for other scholarships is not affected.

I am graduating in three years (after my junior year), and have a GPA of 3.5 or above. Will my Academic Merit Scholarship be pro-rated? As long as you were enrolled at SHS for all three years, you will receive the same amount as the other graduating students in your GPA category.

Why is no scholarship awarded to someone receiving a “full ride”? The Salem High School Alumni Association is proud of students who earn an appointment to a military academy or a full-ride academic or athletic scholarship to a college or university. These students will be invited to the banquet and recognized for their achievements. However, because the association’s dollars are limited, these students will not be awarded scholarships.

If I have an appointment to a military academy or a “full ride” to a college or university, should I still fill out an application? It is recommended that you still fill out an application. Occasionally, plans change and having an application on file may help you receive scholarship money.

I am currently a college student. Are there scholarships available to me? Yes, there are numerous scholarships available. Click HERE for postsecondary scholarships.

I am working on a postgraduate degree such as a master’s or doctorate. Are there any scholarships available for me? The Greenisen College Leadership Scholarship, the John F. Cone Humanities Scholarship, and the Fox Medical Scholarship are open to postgraduate students. Click HERE for postsecondary scholarships.

How will I will I find out if I have been awarded a scholarship? Current high school students will be informed in meetings with the Scholarship Committee chairman at the high school at the end of April. Postsecondary students, because they will have included a self-addressed stamped envelope with their application, will be notified by mail.

How does one arrange for a named scholarship? The present policy is that a donation of $100,000 will allow for a named scholarship of $5000 a year. The Scholarship Committee Chairman should be contacted to work out the details for creating a named scholarship. Please call us at 330-332-1427.

Honored Alumnus

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How do I nominate someone to be an Honored Alumnus? You may mail your nomination to SHSAA, 330 E. State St., Salem, OH 44460 or Click HERE for an online form.

Need More Help

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Whom should I contact if I have a question that doesn’t appear here? Call the office at 330-332-1427. The office manager will either answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person for an answer. Click HERE to send us a message.