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Salem High School Quaker Newspaper HELP:


Free Adobe Reader is required to view Quaker Newspaper pages. Click HERE to download if needed.


The search box is from Google and provides searching capability for students, teachers, clubs, and organizations across all available Quaker Newspapers.

Search results are listed with a title, the matching text, and a link which includes the year and issue of the Quaker Newspaper. Read the text to be sure the item being searched is present in the right context (e.g., names may be split John Smith; Joan Adams may appear as John Adams).

Clicking the title will open the matching Quaker Newspaper page in a new browser window.


Clicking the Quaker Newspaper icon or date will open the entire Quaker Newspaper in a new browser window.

Please note, these are large files and may take several minutes to download. A fast internet connection is recommended. You can cancel download by closing your browser.


Free Adobe Reader is required to view Quaker Newspaper pages. Click HERE to download if needed.

Adobe Reader typically displays a single Quaker Newspaper page.


  • Press CTRL-F to open the FIND BOX to locate text on a page. The text is highlighted.
  • Press CTRL-4 to fit the image on your screen to see the entire page at once.
  • Press F4 key to show small pictures of each of the pages of the document.
  • Press CTRL-F4 to close the document and return to the search page.
  • Press F8 key to open the TOOLBAR.adobe


  • SAVE (DISK) icon will allow you to save the pages/Quaker Newspaper to your computer.
  • PRINT icon will allow you to print specific pages.
  • EMAIL (ENVELOPE) icon will allow you to email the pages/Quaker Newspaper to a friend.
  • UP and DOWN ARROWS move you through the Quaker Newspaper by page. The browser scrollbar on the right allows faster moving.
  • Typing a PAGE NUMBER sends you to that physical page. (Note, sometimes books are not numbered from page 1).
  • ZOOM IN allows you to zoom to a particular area of the page. The browser scrollbar allows you to move around the page.
  • Press the FIT PAGE icon(s) to change how the page fills the screen.

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